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July 17-19 Bake Sale

This weekend I decided to focus on healthy and wholesome eating, and will be whipping up the following goodies: 1. All Green Quinoa Primavera – with Chicken or Veggies (one for $12, two for $20) Delicious as a full meal or a side dish. Either way, you’ll love the fresh tender-crisp asparagus, peas, and homemade pesto….

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Love pasta but don’t love the calories?

Here are a few great alternatives to your favorite pasta dishes that are healthy and nutritious and low in carbs. The first is is a great wanna-be spaghetti known as the miracle noodle or Shiratiki noodle or Pasta Zero   They come in different types like spaghetti, linguini, and macaroni and are easy to find in most grocery stores for about…

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