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Spartan Sprint @ Tuxedo Hill June 2019

My adventure started out in NYC where I was staying for a work trip. I left on the bus up to Paramus NJ where I was staying overnight to be closer to the race on Saturday. Thanks to the Hyatt Place for a free breakfast.  A heaping bolw of oatmeal with blueberries, cranberries, and pecans….

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Spartan Race DC (actually in Mecanicsville, MD)

This was my second Spartan Sprint and this time I was brave enough to do it on my own.  The great thing is – you really are never alone as everyone along the course is super friendly and helpful.  So, if you feel you can almost get over that wall and just need a little…

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Bonefrog Race DC (Charlotte Hall, MD) July 2019

I was excited for my 3rd OCR this year, and this time with a different organization.  Like Spartan, Bonefrog offers a few different course length options.  Since I have done 2 Spartan sprints I figured it was worth trying the longer course: Challenge with 6+ miles and 30+ obstacles. I am ready to go –…

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