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Sept 4-5 (Labor Day Weekend) Bake Sale

Here is my menu for Labor Day weekend.  As some folks may be heading out on Friday, I’m happy to make the cookies available for pick up on Thursday evening. 1. French Quiches ($12 serves 1; $20 serves 2) Quiches are great! Not only are my quiches delicious but they can be enjoyed any time…

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August 28-29 Bake Sale

Here is my menu for this weekend: 1. Penne with Spinach, Gorgonzola, and Walnuts ($12 serves 1; $20 serves 2) Penne pasta with a delicious combination of the sweetness of fresh pears and the unique flavor of gorgonzola cheese, topped with roasted chopped walnuts and slices of Prosciutto. (specific if you want vegetarian option) 2….

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August 7-8 Bake Sale

It is hard to believe we’re already in August!  Taking advantage of the nice seasonal fruits and vegetables, here is my menu for this weekend: 1. Ratatouille with Roasted Pork Tenderloin (one for $12, two for $20) Straight from Provence (in the South of France) to you, ratatouille (pronounce “rat-tat-TOO-ee”) is a fabulous rustic dish…

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July 31-August 1 Bake Sale

Back to France this weekend with a Mediterranean selection of yummy eats: 1. Salade Niçoise (one for $12, two for $20) A lovely refreshing salad from the south of France (Nice), perfect for these hot summer days. It comes with cherry tomatoes, green beens, baby potatoes, olives, a hard boiled egg, and tuna, dressed with…

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June Bake Sale for Color of Change

I decided to use my baking skills for some good and made some goodies to raise funds for Color of Change. 1.Bodacious Blondies ($2.50) Blondie brownie with chocolate chips and toasted coconut, and toped salted caramel sauce. Even more amazing eaten warm with a scoop of ice cream. 2. Over-sided cheesecake ($5.00) Large unctuous cheesecake…

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