HIIT Anywhere Workout – June 13 (charity class)

HIIT workout with Alexandra 
Saturday June 13, 2020 at 11am EDT
A 30-minute interval training workout, in honor of and benefit for Black Lives Matter. Open to all levels of fitness, no equipment needed.
BLM Spotify playlist if you want some tunes for this workout
This is a free class but donations are greatly appreciated and will go to The Loveland Foundation
Here’s the workout:
Warm up add ons – adding one exercise on every 30 seconds
Shuttle + push up + mountain climbers + jump up and clap + 180 jump turn
BLACK LIVES MATTER – (40:10) twice through
B burpees or Bicycle crunches or bear crawl
L lunges forward – leg lifts
A Air squats
C curtsy lunge or commandos
K kickback (from bear crawl or all 4s) – knees up (standing knee to opposite elbow)
L lunges to the side
I Inchworm – tricep push up
V V-up
E Explosive push up Elevated push up
S Skaters or Star jump – sprinter sit ups
M mountain climbers
A Alternating Alligator push ups
T Tricep dips (add a kick)
T Tuck up (2 way crunch) T push up – Thrusters
E Elbow to knee (standing or bird dog)
R reserve lunge

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