HIIT @ Home Workout – May 16, 2020

Join me for a live at-home (or wherever you want) workout on Saturday morning, May 16 at 11:00am ET.  A full-filled 30mins interval training class, no equipment needed, and open to all levels of fitness (high and low impact options)

This week’s workout will be inspired by animal moves.

Alexandra’s Animal themed Playlist on Spotify for this workout:
If you want to do the workout on your own:
Warm up 
30s Jog in place
30s high knees
30s butt kicks
50s on : 10s rest  — twice through
Frog jump forward, jump 180º repeat
Bear plank (aka mobility. plank) to crab with reach out
Bear crawls forward and back
Lateral apes – low sumo squat, hands on the floor, shuffle to side
Starfish jumps
lizard walk
Donkey kicks
Flamingo (stand up one knee up, then extended that leg back)
bird dog
horse walk
plank to loaded bear to tricep pushup
Cool down
up dog / down dog

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