HIIT workout @ Home – April 25 2020

Join me for a live at-home workout on Saturday morning, April 25 at 11:00am ET / 8:30m PT.  A full-filled 30mins interval training class, no equipment needed, and open to all levels of fitness (high and low impact options

Here’s the workout:
Warm up 
25 jumping jacks
30:10 / 45:15 / 60:20 / 45:15 / 30:10
30s rest in between rounds
  1. Stay low – back lunge to squat to forward lunge
  2. Roll up sit up and toe touch (lift butt off the ground)
  3. Knee up cross to elbow / knee side crunch (add hop)
  4. Shoulder tap and plank jack
  5. alternating 8 side to side skier hops  + 8 skaters

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