April 18 2020 – HIIT Workout

I am going to be teaching a live at-home workout on Saturday morning, April 18, at 11:30am ET / 8:30m PT. It’s going to be a fun 30mins interval training class, no equipment needed, and all levels of fitness are welcome (high and low impact options)

Here’s the workout:
Warm up 
Butt kicks
Jog in place
4 sprint rounds 35s on: 15s rest
1 endurance round 1 min each
Squat / Squat jumps
Spiders and cross mountain climbers
Side lunges
Plank knee – with toe taps / hip dips
Fast feet / high knees
Crab toe touches
For extra credit – core blast
Plank and hold – plank jacks or step outs
Leg lifts – extra crunch
Scissors – slow then fast for 20
Side plank (leg up / hip dip)
Flutter kicks
Other side plank
V-hold / V-ups
Rest 1 mins – go back through

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