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August 2020

Sept 4-5 (Labor Day Weekend) Bake Sale

Here is my menu for Labor Day weekend.  As some folks may be heading out on Friday, I’m happy to make the cookies available for pick up on Thursday evening. 1. French Quiches ($12 serves 1; $20 serves 2) Quiches are great! Not only are my quiches delicious but they can be enjoyed any time…

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August 28-29 Bake Sale

Here is my menu for this weekend: 1. Penne with Spinach, Gorgonzola, and Walnuts ($12 serves 1; $20 serves 2) Penne pasta with a delicious combination of the sweetness of fresh pears and the unique flavor of gorgonzola cheese, topped with roasted chopped walnuts and slices of Prosciutto. (specific if you want vegetarian option) 2….

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August 21-22 Bake Sale

Here is my Mediterranean menu for this weekend: 1. Tabbouleh with Chicken-Spinach Meatballs ($12 serves 1; $20 serves 2) This classic Mediterranean and Middle Eastern salad, also known as Tabouli, is bursting with freshness with fresh herbs like parsley and bulgur, along with cucumbers and tomatoes. Served with chicken-spinach meatballs and a side of plate-licking-delicious…

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August 14-15 Bake Sale

Inspired by the dill I saw at the farmers’ market this weekend, I decided to do something a little fancy this weekend for the main course.  Here is my menu for this weekend: 1. Salmon with cucumber and fennel salad (one for $15, two for $25) Poached salmon filet with sour cream dill sauce, served…

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August 7-8 Bake Sale

It is hard to believe we’re already in August!  Taking advantage of the nice seasonal fruits and vegetables, here is my menu for this weekend: 1. Ratatouille with Roasted Pork Tenderloin (one for $12, two for $20) Straight from Provence (in the South of France) to you, ratatouille (pronounce “rat-tat-TOO-ee”) is a fabulous rustic dish…

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