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July 31-August 1 Bake Sale

Back to France this weekend with a Mediterranean selection of yummy eats: 1. Salade Niçoise (one for $12, two for $20) A lovely refreshing salad from the south of France (Nice), perfect for these hot summer days. It comes with cherry tomatoes, green beens, baby potatoes, olives, a hard boiled egg, and tuna, dressed with…

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July 24-25 Bake Sale

This weekend I’m bringing a bit of Italy to my kitchen and to your homes (since we can’t easily go there these days!): 1. Gnocchi alla Capricciosa (one for $12, two for $20) This dish is inspired by the pizza Capriocciosa, and comes with mushroom, artichoke, tomato and black forest ham (vegetarian only option also…

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July 17-19 Bake Sale

This weekend I decided to focus on healthy and wholesome eating, and will be whipping up the following goodies: 1. All Green Quinoa Primavera – with Chicken or Veggies (one for $12, two for $20) Delicious as a full meal or a side dish. Either way, you’ll love the fresh tender-crisp asparagus, peas, and homemade pesto….

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July 10-12 Bake Sale

This weekend we’ll be taking a culinary trip to the South: 1. Gumbo (one for $12.00, two for $20.00) Gumbo, a classic go-to meal in Louisiana, is like getting a taste of New Orleans in a bowl. This cajun spiced stew has a combo of chicken and andouille sausage, or you can upgrade and add shrimp…

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July 3-5 Happy Holiday Bake Sale

In the spirit of July 4th, I decided to change my menu up a bit and make a mix of sweet and savory for the holiday weekend: 1. White Bean Chicken Chili (one for $12.00, two for $20.00) A hearty and healthy white bean chili made with homemade chicken broth and tender rotisserie chicken. Mildly spicy,…

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June 26-27 Bake Sale

Here is what I’ll be making this weekend: 1. Coffee Crème Brûlée ($5.00) Traditional French Crème Brûlée with a delicious rich custard base infused with premium coffee from Peet’s and topped with a light crust of caramel. 2. Chocolate Espresso Cookies ($2.50) A twist on your favorite chewy chocolate chip cookies with chocolate espresso, dark chocolate…

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HIIT Anywhere Workout – June 27

HIIT workout with Alexandra  Saturday June 27, 2020 at 11am EDT A 30mins interval training exercise class.  Great workout while having fun! Open to all levels of fitness, no equipment needed. Zoom Registration URL:

June 19-21 Bake Sale

My bake this weekend was a success! I raise to raised $75 for Color of Change.  However, I found that I need to get organized a bit early so I can prepare for the orders. Here is what I’ll be making this week: 1. Over-sided cheesecake ($5.00) Large unctuous cheesecake sugar free (Splenda), with choice…

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June Bake Sale for Color of Change

I decided to use my baking skills for some good and made some goodies to raise funds for Color of Change. 1.Bodacious Blondies ($2.50) Blondie brownie with chocolate chips and toasted coconut, and toped salted caramel sauce. Even more amazing eaten warm with a scoop of ice cream. 2. Over-sided cheesecake ($5.00) Large unctuous cheesecake…

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HIIT Anywhere Workout – June 13 (charity class)

HIIT workout with Alexandra  Saturday June 13, 2020 at 11am EDT A 30-minute interval training workout, in honor of and benefit for Black Lives Matter. Open to all levels of fitness, no equipment needed. BLM Spotify playlist if you want some tunes for this workout This is a free class but donations are greatly appreciated and will…

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